Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some turtles in The Legend of Zelda

Well, I'm a huge Zelda fan. So I felt I had to do this one.

Here's the Turtle from Majora's Mask:
Nice little bit of info on him here.

And these guys are enemies from the same game called Snappers. They're pretty funny. Sounds like they say "get splat" or "get wet" when they attack.

I'll find some more later, since I'm pretty sure there are more in Zelda. I'll also probly do other entertainment media related posts such as: video games, movies, anime, TV, etc.

Woah nelly

This little snail must need to get somewhere QUICK. such speed!


Get in the fucking car

Don't mess with em

This guy will fuck your shit up. Seriously

This guy don't work for free...

Turtles are such bros.

Just check out this turtle help his bro turtle in his time of need. :)